How to Effectively Manage a Freelance SEO Writing Team

How to Effectively Manage a Freelance SEO Writing TeamNo matter how skilled you are at managing an in-house team, taking care of a group of individuals that are going to work remotely presents its own set of challenges that you might have a difficult time dealing with. Before you dismiss the idea of hiring freelancers, you should know that it isn’t that hard — as long as you do the right things.


Here are some tips to keep in mind that will help you manage your freelance SEO writing team.

Communication is said to be important for most things and this is especially true in business. The significance of communication gets magnified when it comes to handling your SEO writing Odds are you don’t regularly see them in person since they might be located in another state or even another country, and this makes frequent communication a necessity. There are many channels you can use to keep in touch, be it Skype or Google Hangouts, but you must make sure you speak with them regularly. The exchanges don’t even have to be related to work all the time; you can drop them a line just to ask how their weekend was or how they’re doing.

Give constructive feedback when necessary. Don’t let small things slide because they could easily compound into big mistakes that may prove to be disastrous. Again, you are managing a remote SEO writing team so make sure you tell them what you think, as long as it helps them become better at what they do.

It is important to note that you should test the waters by first assigning projects that aren’t too large. This will be a good way for you to gauge their skill and their reliability, as well as check just how well you can communicate with your SEO writing There are, after all, rules that must be followed and targets that must be met so giving them something small to work on will give you a taste of what they can truly do with the least possible risk for you and the company.

Let them know that they will be held accountable for any work they may or may not accomplish and make sure you get this point across very early on. If work is measured by output and not by time spent, they must know that the quality of their work is their sole responsibility and that there will be consequences for subpar results or undelivered output. As the manager of the SEO writing team, their triumphs will reflect on you — as will their mistakes.

Make it a point to get to know them as individuals. This will make it easier for you to know which writer will do what the best and ensure that you get the best results. Knowing their background also works to your advantage as you can use the experience they’ve gained to work with them for any specialized projects that may come up. Your SEO writing may be a collective unit but remember that they are individuals as well.

Make sure that the instructions you give are clear and comprehensive. You will not have the luxury of popping by their desks to see if they were able to understand what you wanted so make it easier for all parties involved by telling them what you expect to be done. Cite all applicable information and ask them if there are any points that need to be clarified so that your SEO writing team can let you know straight away if there is something vague about your instructions.

One of the most often overlooked aspects to managing a freelance SEO writing team is motivation. This is why you should make it a point to keep them motivated for the duration of their contract. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate or fancy; something as simple as acknowledging a job well done will suffice.

Four Ways a SEO Writing Company Can Help with Social Media

Four Ways That a Top SEO Writing Company Can Help with Social MediaIf you plan on putting up your own website or you already have one, you should know that its content should be written using the most effective SEO writing strategies. Using these tactics will increase the chances of your site having a stronger online presence, especially when it comes to your social media efforts.

You should understand that major search engines, especially tech giant Google, take into consideration several factors when ranking websites on its search engine results pages (SERPs). One of these is directly associated with social media. Nowadays, websites that have powerful online presence are those that have incorporated the use of social media in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

This is where hiring a top SEO writing company comes into play. Through the services of a highly reliable search engine optimization firm, you will be able to meet the aforementioned factor that major search engines take into careful consideration. There are plenty of ways that experienced SEO writers can do to help you with your social media efforts, many of which will help you reach your ultimate goals.

So to help you realize just how worthwhile it is to work with an agency specializing in SEO writing and other search engine optimization services, take a look at the following:

Top SEO firms have highly experienced writers. The first thing that you should know about SEO writing is that it is a specialized type of web content writing. This means that it requires more than just basic article writing-knowhow. SEO writers need to know exactly how the search engine optimization industry works, in order for them to meet its rigorous standards. Since top SEO firms have in employ extremely experienced writers, you can rest assure that they have what it takes to provide you with the best possible results.

Highly experienced SEO writers know which will and will not work for their clients. By gaining experience writing SEO-focused content, SEO writing service providers already know which tactics will work for their clients from those that will not. This means that you do not have to waste time testing out strategies that may just completely fail you in the end. Through the services offered by these experts, you can expect your site to contain only top quality, relevant, and interesting content.

Respectable SEO agencies always stay up to date with the latest changes in this industry. The world of search engine optimization is always being changed, updated, and improved. This means that strategies that have worked in the past may no longer be effective today. Respectable SEO writing agencies completely understand this, which is why they make certain they are always kept abreast of what is happening in the industry. In other words, they can easily adapt to these changes. This means that their clients are assured that their websites remain SEO-centered. 

The best SEO service providers make use only of white hat techniques. In the world of SEO, there are basically two types of techniques: white hat and black hat. As the term already suggests, white hat strategies are those approved by search engines, while the black hat ones are those completely prohibited. In the past, black hat tactics have put websites on the top of SERPs, but they have long since been penalized or even banned by search engines. White hat SEO writing is what the best firms specialize in, making sure that their clients’ sites rank high on SERPs and remain there.

While you always have the option to create your own web content, you should know that hiring experienced writers specializing in SEO will increase your site’s chances of coming out on the top. If your main concern is the kind of money you would have to spend, you do not have to worry. The most reliable SEO writing service providers work with their clients in all aspects, including budget, so you are sure to find writers that produce top quality work at a rate you can afford.

Five Benefits of Press Release Distribution

get on first page of google;Do you own a business? If so, then you are probably thinking of having a website developed for it and filling it with useful and relevant information. These are things that you should definitely plan for, but you should know that press release (also known as news release) distribution is just as important as a well-developed website and meaningful content.

If news releases are new to you, the briefest way to describe them is that they are short articles that contain only factual information. Advertising, marketing, sales, or promotional language are avoided when writing these entries. The key function of a press release is to introduce something news-worthy to consumers, journalists, and bloggers, such as a new product or service, new employees or staff members, as well as new offices or branches.

From this alone, you can already deduce that news releases can definitely bring in much-needed publicity to your website or business in general. And despite the fact that many business owners tend to disregard them and instead put more focus on web content or social media marketing, you should keep in mind that they are just as useful. If you still need more than just this to realize how valuable press release distribution is, here are five of the benefits it can surely bring.

Greater market reach. With properly-executed press release distribution plans, you will soon find yourself and your business reaching markets and niches that you haven’t even imagined you can. Since we are talking about the World Wide Web here, this should no longer come as a surprise to you. And even if the people who will read them are not particularly in need of the products or services you have to offer, it is highly likely that they know of people who do. As a result, the name of your business may come up in conversations as recommendations. 

Stronger online presence and greater authority. Most consumers nowadays are more cautious when it comes to buying products or paying for services. This means that they first take the time to find out more about companies before shelling out their hard-earned money. With a well-developed press release strategy, you can rest assure that you and your business will have a more powerful online presence that has a much higher level of authority.

Instant exposure and visibility. The greatest benefit that press release distribution delivers is exposure. Through these articles, customers are provided with a way to easily gain access to information about you and your business. Since most news releases are search engine optimized, they can be found through the utilization of the best search terms, key words, or key phrases. In addition, most PR sites also include links that will redirect readers to your website, which will then result in higher traffic.

Establishment of consumer trust. With your news releases being on press release sites that are generally regarded as sources of unbiased and factual information, you will be able to build and establish trust in consumers. As what has been said before, people now tend to be more cautious especially if money is involved. They want to make certain that they will work with businesses and companies that they can depend on, and seeing your name as well as that of your business in reputable sites will help instill trust in them. 

Business background and history made more accessible. Press release entries stay on PR websites indefinitely. This means that old articles can still be accessed and viewed by consumers. Even if these do not contain the latest information, they still serve as proof that you and your business exist.

There are plenty of other benefits associated with press release distribution, but the ones discussed above are those that have the most positive impact. Hopefully, by the time you have finished reading this entry, you have already realized the value of creating news releases.

5 Blog Writing Tips Business Owners Should Consider

5 Blog Writing Tips Business Owners Should Consider For Their Site AdvancementThese days almost anyone can start a blog and write what interests them. It seems to be a trend that has grown into a marketing idea. Business owners are now starting blogs as a place where their customers can learn more about their products, interact with each other and even with their employees. This is also serving as a free advertising platform that directs these clients to their product sites. Blogging as a way to gain profits requires more than just writing. Below are some great blog writing ideas that will improve your business and make it stand out from the others.

1. Personalize Your Domain. There are many blog writing sites that can be used for business blogging however they maybe not be best for you. When you spend a lot of time creating good content and post it on these sites, they sometimes mark them as spam. Since their system is prone to mistakes you stand a chance of loosing your work. It is also important to gain the respect of your clients but have domain that is yours. This way they will take you seriously and are able to buy your product or services with ease. You also get a change to make it personal buy changing the layout and some designs to suit your style.

2. Provide Rich Content. Readers these days are in a hurry and do not have time for content that is not meeting their needs. Therefore when blog writing for you business, find a service that is able to produce quality articles. Real content will also make the customers view your company as one that is credible and can be trusted. Words are able to move people to purchase and in turn bring many others through reviews.

3. Use Linking Properly.  As your business grows you will have to link your blog to other pages. If you have something related to the content on a specific page that the reader might be interested in, then you can provide a link to that site. This is a good way to market other products or services, create backlinks and also bring more people to your site. Since you will be endorsing products on other sites, the buyers will be more interested in a product from someone they trust.

4. Monetize Your Blog. Blog writing has now created other ways you can make more money. You can choose to add AdSense that will give you a little profit when visitors click advertisements. With a business blog that you host yourself, you have much control of what is placed on your site and the profits are yours.

5. Avoid Selling On Your Blog. Blog writing is all about creating an environment to meet your clients. Avoid selling your products on this page because it will interfere with the main intention of business blogging. You want to have readers feel comfortable and not intimidated by prices. Consider finding a way to lead them to other sites you own where the products are being sold.

As a business owner, blog writing will help you in so many ways than one. Taking your time to focus on your site and build it with precision is work. Most people prefer to hire someone with the expertise in blog writing. Whatever you may choose to do following the above practices will assure that your business grows, more people visit your site and purchase what you over.

When to Outsource Writers for Your Web Content

When to Outsource Writers for Your Web ContentMajority of employees in most departments often find that they have multiple roles to play and when it comes to marketing, those roles tend to get multiplied even more. If you find that you’re spreading yourself a bit thin, what with web content and all the other tasks you have to accomplish, you might benefit from outsourcing writers to help lift the burden of web content from your shoulders. Here are some telltale signs that you may need to outsource writers.

  • Outsource writers when you are a relatively small company that just cannot afford to hire one or more in-house writers. Regular employees are paid a base salary and must be given their mandated benefits and these expenses are sometimes just too much for a small company to shoulder. By hiring remote workers, you get your web content without spending huge amounts of money. Even if you’ve already got a sizeable company up and running, there won’t be any harm in finding ways to reduce expenses.
  • When you find that you need an objective eye, it’s time to outsource your writers. Web content needs to be fresh and there comes a point when in-house employees no longer have the perspective that will help your business. No matter the main point of your content is, you may get better results with an outsourced writer who will have an unbiased point of view.
  • The individual currently in charge of your web content may be a passable writer but when the time comes that you need more than “okay”, you should look into outsourcing writers. Content that is crafted by a professional may prove to be much more effective and persuasive and if you happen to find an excellent writer outside the company, it will be to your advantage to make use of their talents. The best writers often have years of experience and are likely to give you exactly what you want.
  • If you notice that you put some tasks on hold or find that you finish a few things late, alleviate your pain and outsource writers, even if only for web content. There are still a lot of people and businesses that rush their content because they have to attend to other matters and this often results in subpar content creation. After all, writing requires time dedicated to research as well as composing the content so setting half an hour to an hour aside just won’t be enough. Timing matters when it comes to business and you won’t be doing yourself any favors by overloading your task tray and being tardy with everything.
  • Some people find that they would much rather be doing anything but writing and if you are one these people, make it much easier on yourself by hiring writers to do what you don’t want. Depending on your position, you could be off doing more lucrative things when you’re not stuck writing content. When someone else is taking care of other tasks for you, you have more time to get other things done.
  • You may know what you want to accomplish but you just aren’t sure how to get it done. Marketing covers so many other aspects than it did a decade ago and content marketing is one of the newer facets of marketing that you can no longer ignore. By hiring writers for your web content, you can tell them if you want a press release or a review and rest easy knowing that they’ll be able to deliver the output you need.
  • Updating your web content sporadically just won’t cut it these days and if you don’t have the time or patience to do it yourself, why not outsource writers instead? This way, you only have to post it to your website, keeping your content fresh and not inconveniencing you in any way.

How to Find Exceptional Freelancers for SEO Writing

'SEO CONCEPT' written on the blackboardSEO writing has risen in popularity in recent years and more and more people now find that they would much rather be freelancers rather than work as regular employees. However, with the huge number of individuals who claim to be writers, there are only a select few who can put their money where their mouth is. That is, for every two or three good writers you find, you are bound to have sifted through hundreds of lousy ones. Here’s a few ways to help you find the former.

  • Conduct comprehensive interviews. If you do not have the time or patience to conduct them through videoconferencing, make them fill out a form of pre-approved questions so you get a gauge of their skills. Reading samples is an entirely different thing since they might have just taken it off the internet. Interviews on instant messaging also manage to do the trick since they are made to answer on the fly. You might be surprised to find someone with an impeccable sample only to find that they can’t distinguish between “they’re” and “their” during the interview. This will also give you a chance to ask them about their lifestyle since their answers could give you potential red flags that may mean they’re unreliable or lazy.
  • Ask for samples, either attached in an email or linked to an external source. One of the better ways to know if you’re in touch with a good writer is to ask them to write you a sample article based on your requirements. This may seem a tad callous but the internet is fraught with fakes and you will want to do your best to avoid them. Make sure you pay them for the SEO writing sample if you do ask them to write you one.
  • Don’t settle for so-so. Sometimes, managers hire a freelance SEO writing team of mediocre writers due to time constraints or some other reason. The truth is that no matter how little they charge, that is still going to run up a bill in terms of time and this will equate to money. If the output produced doesn’t create results, you will have to re-write or ask them to revise which is a waste of time for everyone. This is a great example of getting what you pay for so don’t opt for a cheap SEO writing The really good writers often charge more but the amount you pay is worth it for clear, persuasive content.
  • Keep an eye out for applicants that show initiative and those that seem a little desperate as there is a huge difference between wanting the job and doing virtually anything to get it. SEO writing places emphasis on keywords so if your applicant has horrible grammar and can’t spell to save their lives, it would be best to move on to the next applicant.
  • Opt for writers who are familiar with one or more kinds of content management systems because they are often much more knowledgeable with SEO writing than those who are not.
  • Pay them what their work is worth. When you hire a writers for the task of SEO writing, you are, in a sense, renting their brains so make sure you compensate them accordingly. Don’t offer an established writer with an excellent track record an amount that may be deemed offensive because not only is this a slight to their person, your business might even get a reputation for being cheap. Once that happens, your chances of getting lousy applicants will increase.
  • Place multiple ads out on popular freelance SEO writing Some are much more reputable than others and if you rely on Craigslist, you will have your work cut out for you. Make sure your ad is specific and you give as many details as you possibly can. Be transparent regarding payment, be it the amount, frequency, or method. A badly written ad will lead writers to think that you’re trying to scam them.

6 Reasons to Hire a Quality Web Content Writer

6 Reasons to Hire a Quality Web Content WriterYou may be very familiar with your business however putting this into writing by explaining the products or services may not be your thing. In order to get your brand out there, there is a need for constant fresh content on your site. With almost everyone on the Internet these days you will to catch the attention and keep readers engaged. To take the pressure off yourself so you can focus on other aspects of your business, a content writer is the best person you can have. Below are in depth explanations of why you should hire a web content writer.

1. Professionalism. Web content writers have been doing the job for a long time and are familiar with the business tone of writing. They are know what digital marketing is all about and these skills will draw more people to your site.

2. Constant Fresh Content. In order for your website to be among the first in ranking you need fresh content all the time. A hired writer will be able to provide this in a timely manner taking the burden off your shoulder. Search engine crawlers look for sites and take note of how often they are updated; therefore you want your site to be one of those.

3. Express Value. A web content writer knows how to express the value of your product of service in a way that will draw customers. He has the ability to create an image of a reputable business through writing catchy product reviews. These skilled writers have a way of providing a different viewpoint of your services. They are able to describe a service clearly and in detail so that the concept can be clearly understood.

4. Anticipates Questions and Solutions. Customers usually look for information because they have questions that need answers. A good web content writer knows what the reader is looking for and provides the answers in relation to that. For clients who are looking for a certain service, the writer will provide the steps taken, advantages and disadvantages of the service and the outcome. This creates a clear picture and answers the questions the reader is looking for.

5. More Time On Your Hands. With someone else working on the content for your site, this leaves you with free time to focus on other things. You are able to trust that you will receive satisfactory work without having to worry. A web content writer basically takes the responsibility off your hands and makes it possible for you to build other aspects of your business.

6. Search Engine Optimization Knowledge. A lot goes to have your running well and bring in the profits. A hired professional writer is familiar with the use of keyword placement, density and well-positioned words in order to retain traffic. Knowing the backend of having a fully functional site is something most people cannot handle. By deciding to hire a web content writer you are working with an expert on SEO matters.

When a business goes online this makes it possible for customers to trust the company. They will also access your products and services with ease therefore leading them to compare with other sites. Your aim is to retain traffic but offering relevant information that is beneficial to the reader. The business owner who is able to provide fresh content that focuses on his products and services will benefit in more ways than one. By using a web content writer your online marketing aspect will be taken care of.

When to Update Your Web Content

When to Update Your Web ContentOnce you have your website up and running, you are now responsible for what goes into it. Most people think that they’re sitting pretty just because they have one but this is no longer the case, especially with how consumer habits have changed. Web content is a much more valuable thing than it has ever been and the frequency of updates can now spell the difference between your website’s success and failure. Here’s how to know that it’s time for a new post.

Are people talking about your business on social media? If they aren’t, it’s time to update your website’s content. Having interesting web content increases your business’ chances of getting inbound links to its site and this will, in turn, help you get the word out. One of the best examples of this is Red Bull’s recent marketing campaign. The buzz they generated on social media propelled them from the college market to the whole world.

Does your website have a blog yet? If not, you should definitely look into adding one. Having a blog makes it easier for you to add web content regularly without looking like you’re spamming your News section. Also, this allows site visitors to leave comments and give their feedback on a channel other than social media.

Here’s a simple test: Google your business. What page did you find your site on? If you have to go through multiple pages just to see your website, it’s time to spruce up your web content. Search engines now look into just how often a site updates its content and suffice to say, websites that have stagnant content are relegated to the latter pages of the search results. Your site has better chances of reaching the top page when it has regular posts and updated content.

If you don’t remember the last time you updated your site’s content, it’s time to do so. People who look at company websites make it a point to look at the dates of the latest posts since this tells them whether or not the website and the company are still active. If you last posted sometime in 2008 and seeing as it’s the year 2014, the person visiting your site will think you are no longer in business. That’s a potential sale down the drain.

Most businesses undergo a transition phase where they tweak their brand. Does your website reflect this? Your website should be an extension of your business and this includes its appearance as well as its content. Take a look at your past posts. If it still has old logos and the like, you should edit those pages or articles and make sure you include the logos and colors you are currently using. Also, if there are articles that seem to only be there as filler, it’s time to decide whether you should get rid of it or edit it. Not all web content is made equal so check which ones gave your site traffic and which ones did not. You want most of your content to have value and keeping stale articles up might just serve as padding and nothing more.

Web content isn’t just limited to articles; videos and pictures can work for times when words just don’t seem to cut it. Also, there are some people who don’t like wading through massive blocks of text so you make it easier for site visitors to read your content when pictures or videos are present.

Your business may be doing well but it won’t get any better unless your website reflects that. Keeping your web content fresh lets people from all over the world know that you are, indeed, busy and will get an idea of just how reputable your business is.

Aside from those mentioned above, you may also want to update your web content when there is something important that you want to say. Relevance and timeliness are both important for keeping your site afloat so by combing the two, you increase your chances of driving more traffic to your site.

Why You Should Issue a Press Release

Why You Should Issue a Press ReleaseWith a new product launch or the start of new services, you will want to get the news out to as many people as possible. With the increased popularity of the internet, distributing a press release is now made easier than ever, getting out to all corners of the globe in almost no time at all. Aside from telling the world about your new offerings, here are some more reasons why you shouldn’t neglect issuing one when the time comes.

  • A press release will allow you to tell the world what you want to say about your new offering. With all the pertinent information in place, both for the new release and your company, other writers will find it much more convenient to relay that information and convey it to their own readers, which will hopefully drive some good press in your direction. Just remember that it is your publication to do with it as you wish but don’t be coy and try to pique the interest of the public since it may backfire and lead them to think that you’re a fly-by-night business.
  • It is common knowledge that a business has to make money to stay open and with every release you issue on your new offering, you get the chance to increase sales. These sales are not just for the new product or service but for the other things you already offer. Most businesses offer an incentive or something that will draw consumers to try their new products or services and it’s no surprise how well that works. If you can get even one additional sale from your release, you can already consider it valuable.
  • Smaller businesses can opt to put their release on their website in the hopes having other publications pick it up. With a well-crafted press release, this is entirely possible. If you are about to roll out a new product or service, it would be to your benefit to alert other people, preferably writers, to it. If they are intrigued, they could post it to other blogs and websites that are read by thousands of other people who might not see your site. One of the best ways to improve your chances of getting your press released picked up is to make sure that it has relevant data coupled with informative and persuasive writing. Timing also has a part here so all you have to do is figure out the best times to post a press release. For example, posts on Facebook see the most success when posted on a Thursday or Friday.
  • When marketing a new product or service, issuing a press release will help you build links. Although there is no direct relation between releases and SEO, you will find that the more people who link to your release, the more traffic will be driven to your site. This kind of marketing cannot be bought and can only be achieved by way of timely and unique content that won’t be difficult to read.
  • Your main objective when making a press release is to endorse your new product or service. However, it can do more than that; it can make people more aware of your company and your brand. By distributing it to the proper channels, you will let people know of your brand and maybe reach another market that you were previously unable to get to. Once people are made aware of your company, they will then decide if they are interested in doing business with you.

There are other ways to get the word out but the value of the press release just cannot be denied. After all, it has been in use for marketing campaigns for quite some time now and that fact that it has been converted into a digital format and not swept under the rug means that it still does what it’s supposed to do.

A Cheat Sheet for Hiring an Expert to Do Blog Writing for You

A Cheat Sheet for Hiring an Expert to Do Blog Writing for YouA blogger hiring another blogger seems like a ludicrous idea. Because oftentimes, blogs, despite their appeal for marketing and advertising, are essentially chronicles of a person’s thoughts that seek to engage potential customers. Blog writing is a personal activity and should therefore be done only by the blogger. Correct?


To manage a blog all by yourself, to abandon everything else to create and update content and to personally promote your blog on various platforms is at the very least very time consuming. Unless it’s your bread and butter and unless you’re working full-time on blog writing, it is unwise to do it solo. However great a blogging entrepreneur you are, you will realize that at one point, someone has got to take the helm of writing content for your blog so you could invest your energies elsewhere.

Now the inescapable question:

Who do you hire to do blog writing on your behalf?

Before you populate job boards with your ads like a mad man or a mad woman, take a good long, hard look at your blog. Then figure out which writing professional/s you need.

Bloggers are the obvious choice. But there are also other good options outside of the blogosphere who could deliver good blog writing, while bringing extra useful skills to the table—compliments of their expertise in other areas of writing. You might need a content strategist, an editor, a storyteller or someone with a background in advertising or marketing, or even consulting. The key is to find the specific kind of expert that you need and hire someone whose claims of expertise aren’t spread too thinly (Hint: Extensive experience in all forms of writing.)

1. Search for a good fit and not just a good writer.

You need an expert, but hiring a good writer on paper alone sometimes just don’t cut it. Before interviewing anyone, outline your requirements and qualifications which you think would meet your blog writing needs. It is important that you know exactly what you want from a blogger, the quality of writing you expect and how you two could work together. You may hire a really educated writer, but that doesn’t mean anything if he couldn’t make your blog sound personal and consistent with your intended purpose for launching your blog in the first place.

2. Don’t write off a blogger because of minor grammatical errors.

Even the best writers could get confused with some basic grammar rules. You don’t want to be basing your choice of a blogger only on his grammar test results. Of course you are going for the guy who knows his em dash and his way around grammar expletives, but disqualifying a blogger for beginning a sentence with a conjunction, or placing a preposition at the end of a sentence for that matter, won’t take you very far.

Which brings us to another point:

3. Don’t hire a blogger based only on his writing samples or portfolio.

No sensible writer would send you a sample or portfolio that is likely to ruin his chances of getting the job. If the blogger’s head is right where it should be, he would only send you his best work—edited, error-free and written to impress potential clients. The true test of good writing is in the actual work delivered according to your requirements for content, clarity and readability.

As hard-hearted as this may sound, your best option is to request for a paid sample. This often drives freelancers nuts and backing away from your offer of a job, but it’s worth all the trouble. If he wants the blog writing job you are offering badly enough, he’ll be happy to write you a sample.

4. Pay premium for high quality blog writing

Don’t pay cheap. Any blogger who has enough self-respect won’t sell out his skills on anything that pays him pennies. Hiring the cheapest blogger you can find could give you mediocre writing at best.

Finding someone to do blog writing for you isn’t at all that hard. But finding the right blogger? Well that’s an entirely different story.

Are Rewrites Any Good (Why They Are and Why They Aren’t)

Are Rewrites Any Good (Why They Are and Why They Aren’t)Are article rewrites a sensible option for website owners wanting fresh contents?



Actually, it depends.

Among the widely followed practices of web content creation is rewriting another person’s or another website’s articles. Whether it is ethical or not is highly debatable, but there is no question that it bears benefits for website owners.

All the Good Things About Web Content Rewrites

1. Price. Article rewrites are comparatively cheaper than buying original content. They are easier and faster to produce and rewriters are a dime a dozen. For half the price or less of an original work, you could get a fresh content that search engines would not have trouble crawling into.

2. Originality. Technically, they are copies of other contents published on other websites. In some cases, they are updates to old contents intended to be published on their originating site. But since they have been changed enough to look and read different, they are original contents. Although their message is not.

For website owners who would love to carry their own copies of contents they found online, but don’t want to run into trouble with search engines for plagiarism, rewritten contents are also a wise option.

3. More on Originality. It is important to separate the wheat from the chaff. Rewrites are essentially paraphrased versions of original articles. Depending on how it’s done, a rewrite may present the same ideas in the same number of paragraphs, format and even similar tone. A good rewrite transforms an article and recreates it to produce a fresh version.

Article spinning is something else. Think about replacing certain words and phrases, changing a few words in a phrase and rearranging sections of the article.

While so much cheaper than rewrites, spun articles rarely produce good content that human readers can actually read. Naturally, they have greater bounce rate as online readers are a picky pack. They don’t like stuff they couldn’t stand reading. And spun articles fall into this category.

4. Cost-Effectiveness. More versions of the same article mean less money spent on expensive original copies. Reproducing an existing content scraps out a good deal of money paid for research, story development and proofreading. One original 500-word article takes hours to finish. Paraphrasing it would take up so much less because the rewriter will create content that has already been studied.

5. More Uses for Old Copies. Rewriting is also useful for creating unique contents based on old entries in your website archive. Depending on your arrangement with your rewriter, you may even get to have an SEO-updated copy.

Why Rewrites Aren’t as Good as Publishing Original Contents

Two reasons: poor quality and for purely ethical reasons.

1. Poor Quality. Cheap as they may be, rewrites may never compare to the original articles they were copied from.

There are really good rewriters, though. Many experienced writers who are hired for rewriting jobs can, in fact, produce far superior versions of the original articles they have based their writing on. However, this is rarely the case. Often, rewriters are inexperienced newbies who are dabbling with content creation, but have yet to develop enough skills to demand higher pay rates.

2. Purely Ethical Reasons. For a lot of website owners, as long as search engines don’t flag their contents as duplicates and they don’t get penalized, it really doesn’t matter whether an article is running the risk of copyright infringement. Something that is not legally wrong may not necessarily be ethically justified, however.

But is there really such a thing as an original article? In truth, there are really no original ideas; neither are there entirely original articles. Even original contents carry with them semblances of other people’s work as there is virtually a myriad of websites that cater to the same topics. The difference lies in whether a particular website is a serial publisher of rewrites, publishing no original content other than what it has rehashed from another unsuspecting source.

Rewrites are not at all a bad option for web content. They are less expensive, bring promise of decent content and have the same potentiality of driving traffic to your site as any original articles do. While original articles are much more preferred, if written with the same requirements as their original counterparts, rewrites could prove useful for driving traffic to your website and earning you some regular visitors.

Reasons Why You Should Omit the Business Blog

Reasons Why You Should Omit the Business BlogThere are countless companies that make full use of blog writing for marketing and public affairs. While some of these businesses find success with the platform, there are others that are better off without it. Granted, it can do a lot of good but if done incorrectly, will only be a black hole of time and other resources. Here are some signs that indicate blogging isn’t for your business at present.

Are you already dreaming about all the benefits that your blog can reap? Do know what it is supposed to achieve? If the answer to one or both of these questions is in the negative, your business isn’t ripe for a blog. In the corporate world, you start endeavors with a clear goal in mind. Without one, you’ll only be running around in circles. Riding the blog writing bandwagon without a clear purpose will make your blog aimless and readers will get clued in on that rather quickly, tarnishing your reputation.

Digital marketing isn’t often a standalone effort and if you refuse or just haven’t had the chance to use social media, you’re probably better off going without blog writing or a blog. Social networks and blogging go hand in hand and if you’re reluctant to use the former, you’ll have a difficult time saturating your portion of cyberspace.

Do you think your business is ready to hear from the world – both the good and the bad? Having a blog allows people from all over the planet to chime in and give their two cents so if you feel like you’re far too sensitive to get criticism, put that blog on the back burner. If you still want to blog and decide to close comments, you are stamping out about half of what blog writing is supposed to be for.

Don’t get started on blog writing if you don’t have anything definitive to tell your customers. Blog posts are supposed to be pithy and valuable so if you or the employee in charge of the blog draws a blank whenever a new post is supposed to be churned out, don’t force it and save the blog for a later time.

If there’s nobody around to write for the blog and you can’t hire one at the moment, do not start a blog. There’s nothing worse than seeing a company blog full of errors and incoherent ramblings. It would be better not to have a business blog rather than have one that is badly made because contrary to popular belief, blog writing isn’t the easiest thing to do.

If you want the benefits of your blog to go solely to you and the business, hold off on that blog. How else are you going to get loyal readers when they find that they absolutely nothing from visiting your site? In the blogging world, you’re only bound to get readers when you offer them something of value.

Just because everyone has a business blog doesn’t mean you should, too. Assess your business and what it needs and if there is overwhelming evidence that you don’t need to start blog writing, don’t push it and take heed to the facts.

Money is a great motivator but it shouldn’t be yours when starting a blog. There are hardly any overnight successes when it comes to blogs and if you think your business will strike it rich the day your blog goes live, you are in for a major disappointment.

When your business is already pressed for time as is, you have to make a thorough assessment whether blog writing will do enough for your company for you to allocate time and effort for it. You could assign an employee to be in charge but if they have enough on their plate, you’d be doing them a disservice. This is especially true for smaller businesses that don’t have armies of employees at their disposal. If you’re the business owner, you could try to do it yourself should you find that you have an extra three to four hours. If there’s nobody around that has the time to start and maintain the blog, don’t go into it with only one gun blazing.

8 Things to Consider in Hiring a Writer for SEO Writing

8 Things to Consider in Hiring a Writer for SEO WritingSEO writing is meticulous and difficult because it involves writing content for search engines AND people. While you are knowledgeable with SEO, it helps that writers are very knowledgeable on everything connected to it too so you can exchange ideas that will work well in your business. It’s not just typing the title, content and posting it all over the net.

This is why you must also be very meticulous in hiring SEO writers because they can make or break your business or website promotion. So here are 8 things to consider when hiring a writer for SEO writing:

1. Look at their portfolio. SEO writing is not just writing; it’s knowing everything about keyword densities and how an article will rank in search engines. So when hiring an SEO writer, make sure they have a great portfolio. They should provide sample articles—much better if related to your business. Here, you see the writer’s communication style, skills and overall writing capability. Also, he or she should not just satisfy Google and other search engines but the audience as well where article(s) can be interactive. If he or she matches the voice of your business, you should consider them.

2. Aside from portfolio, writers themselves should present the results of their SEO writing. They should show proof their writing can give you and your business results and good traffic. So aside from normal articles, they can give articles that ranked highly in the search engines. If the articles are shown in the first two pages of search engines, that is a plus.

3. The writers should be up to the challenge when Google changes the online writing techniques. Most likely, writers have their own writing style but they should also be flexible in case there is a new SEO update in search engines. Also, don’t hesistate to ask them questions regarding their writing techniques in SEO. After all, they really should know every knick-knack of SEO.

4. The writer should be consistent in quality. Even though SEO articles are for search engines, they should still make sense. No plagiarism, with original content, and should be written for the human mind. If possible, it’s better to hire professional SEO writers because they have a proven track record and will truly help in promoting your business and website. They know how to write the content you need.

5. Pre-screen SEO writers by letting them do a sample article or giving them a writing test. This will show how they can do SEO writing with a deadline and specific set of instructions. After submitting, immediately evaluate their content and see if it would be perfect for your business and website promotion.

6. Make sure writers are updated with the latest Google changes and SEO aspects. They will not be able to write good SEO content if they don’t even know basic SEO. Research is the key for this, so don’t hesitate to know their SEO knowledge. Content is also a big key in SEO writing. See if you both have the same SEO knowledge and ideas in promoting your business.

7. Aside from SEO, the writer should have knowledge in social sharing. In SEO writing, sharing article(s) through various social networks is a must to rank in search engines. Make sure the applicant knows various ways of promoting your business using different social media tools. He or She needs to know all about social sharing and the relevance in connecting to small and large groups.

8. A SEO writer must know about your business or industry, goals and how they can help in the promotions. A lot of writers can apply without knowing about your business, but those who are professional will research about your business. If he or she does not have experience in your kind of business, he or she should at least be able to understand it before starting to write.

Hiring a writer for SEO writing is very hard. But with these tips, you can easily assess and evaluate them. Don’t be afraid to say no, but be happy to say yes to those qualified for the position. After all, promoting and driving traffic to your business is the most important and you need professionals who deliver only the best.

Helpful Hints for Better Business Article Writing

Helpful Hints for Better Business Article WritingNot everyone was born to write and you can tell simply by reading someone’s work. You’ve probably seen some errors when reading something off the internet but the truth is that it can happen to anyone. Some of your writers, if not a professional capacity, might even be making the same mistakes. To further prevent this and ensure better article writing, here are some tips for a writer or a team and its leader.

Don’t make use of certain words when article writing for business. There are some words that are best left unwritten when it comes to business and whatever the reason, do some required research as to what these words are and improve your writing.

Don’t overload your writers with assignments. Article writing isn’t something that can be done on cue and there will be times when even the most skilled writer will experience writer’s block. If not unable to write, overworked and uninspired writers will come up with subpar work. Give them a breather every now and then.

Don’t think you or your writers are above common spelling errors. Words that seem to be common sense don’t always appear that way when people are face with the task of using “you’re” or “your”, “there” or “their”, and many others.

Emphasize the importance of outlines, especially for lengthy article writing or posts that have a lot of factual data.

Encourage writers to let some of their personality should shine through their article writing. Each one of your employees has a distinct voice and it will be to their benefit to see that it gets through in writing. The best way to do this is to write the way you speak – as long as you keep it clean, of course.

Give your writers material to learn from. One of the best ways to be the best is to learn from the best so by reading impeccable business article writing, your writers will either learn or absorb what they’ve read and this will reflect in their work.

If a writer does something that doesn’t sit well with you, don’t keep it to yourself. Their article writing is geared toward your business and you should give them constructive criticism when they need it. After all, in the event of a major mistake, it’ll be your business that’ll suffer.

If you want to make sure that their writing is free from errors, you should proofread their work and edit as you see fit. However, don’t take too much away or take something correct that you mistakenly thought was wrong. If you don’t think you’re in any position to edit, ask someone else to do it.

Keep your article writing focused. You will want to tell your writer or team of writers what niche you want to break into so they know what to concentrate on. There is no appeal in a business blog with articles that are seemingly all over the place. Start on a foundation and work your way from there.

Make sure the posts you ask to be written are of a certain length and aren’t too long or too short. An average of 400-500 words will suffice for a valuable article.

Tell your writers what you want to achieve, and give them a plan to attain that goal. You have articles written for a specific purpose and by directing energy in the right channel, you have better chances of having an effective business publication.

The value of practice just cannot be emphasized enough. Tell your writers to hone their writing skills and you could improve your proofreading skills. You might even want to take a stab at writing a few business articles yourself and see if you’ve got the knack for it. The more everyone practices, they better they get. The better they get, the easier it is for everyone to get work done.

6 Solid Tips in Hiring a Freelance Writer for Product Reviews

6 Solid Tips on Hiring a Freelance Writer for Product ReviewsDo you have a client who has a line of product and who would like to get a word out on cyber streets? Anxious that you may not find the perfect writer who will deliver the product review as expected? These are some of the questions that may plague a business owner’s mind as he/she contemplates on the upside of hiring a freelance writer who will review a certain line of product. Think no more as here are several steps to ensure that every penny of your investment is worth it: 

1. Back to the basics. Since you are targeting the average reader as your audience, it is important that you hire a writer who has at least the basics of grammar and sentence construction covered as this addresses two things. First, the writer who has good grammar and sentence construction skills will be able to express his/her thoughts on the product well enough for the average Joe to understand. Second, even the average reader is repulsed by sloppy writing; hence, it is of utmost significance that the writer composes error-free product reviews in order not to lose the attention of the reader.

2. Above average knowledge. Hiring a writer with above average knowledge on whatever line of product you are reviewing ensures a top-notch article. Why? One, a writer familiar with the product line can immediately spot the features to highlight on an article, maximizing the information presented to the reader. Moreover, a writer with above average knowledge on the product line will tend to use the correct technical terms, making the product review more credible to the reader.

3. Previous experience. Although a writer with previous experience will demand a higher rate, it is well worth the investment because you are buying something priceless: your peace of mind. More often than not, an experienced writer will show professionalism, avoid procrastination, and submit a high quality product review. Spending a couple of dollars more takes away your apprehension so that you can focus on other significant tasks. Now, with the recruitment part of the process set up, let’s move on to the management aspect.

4. Explanation of expectations. Every writer enjoys putting words on paper, and without a clear objective, a writer might unintentionally write more than what is needed, or worse, a writer might deviate from the proper course. As the employer, you must be clear and specific on what you want the writer to accomplish. Explain your objective and encourage the writer to ask questions so that you are certain the product review will come hot off the press just the way you like it.

5. Definitive deadlines. It may seem basic but setting a definitive deadline for each product review is crucial. In most cases, a writer will go about the day maintaining a flexible schedule, and a definitive deadline will serve as a mental Post-it note. If hiring from a country with a different time zone, establish the time you will use in your working relationship to avoid confusion. Having a definitive deadline makes sure the article will be submitted on a timely fashion.

6. Room for revision. As an employer seeking high quality work, revision is a necessary evil. A writer is a human being, too, and sometimes this human being can be extra sensitive. Allowing room for revision spares you the frustration from receiving a less than perfect product review. With frustration out of the picture, you are more likely to convey your thoughts to the writer without hitting a nerve. As the manager, you would like to receive the best possible quality of work from your employee, and nothing could be more damaging than a misguided remark, especially if you are following a tight schedule.

With these tips, hiring a freelance writer for a product review is worth your time and your cash. Now, you can sleep well at night knowing that your investment is working hard for you.