The following guidelines cover every step of the process beginning from inquiries to placing your writing order to making payment. It also covers requests for sample works or revision of submitted content.

General inquiries

We will gladly entertain questions about our policies, services and rate, but we do not offer consultation services. Please email us for any questions. If you are still not clear on our rates you can also us a general overview of what you need so we can give you an accurate quote.

Sending and receiving your orders

After you decide to hire us we will furnish you a copy of our terms and conditions. We will also tell you how to send your order; all you have to do is full up the order form we will send via email and then pay half of the amount via PayPal.

You will get the files in MS Word or PDF format (whichever you prefer) in the same email address you used to communicate with us.

Requesting for samples

Do you want to see samples of our work? You can find our samples in our Portfolio. We know that you are laying a lot on the line when you entrust something as important as content to us, so we understand if you want to see some of our ‘finished products’ before you make further commitments. Remember that while they are just samples they are also under copyright and you cannot use them for any other purpose than to assess our skills, style and capabilities.