Terms of Service

These Terms of Service and all supplemental terms, as may be amended from time to time (“Terms and Conditions” or “Agreement”), govern your use of this website and any product or service and content offered by PostSckrippt (“PostSckrippt” or the “Company”) that you access, download, accept, purchase or otherwise use from or through this website (collectively, the “Service”).

Should there be additional terms, licenses or other agreements applicable to any Service that you use or purchase, these terms and/or agreements shall be made known to you and they shall likewise govern your use of the Service.

1. Policies on Intellectual Property Rights/Copyright

1a. When you engage the Company to perform the Service, the Company retains all the intellectual property rights to any content you order from PostSckrippt pending your full payment for the Service.

1b. As soon as the Company receives your full payment for the Service, all intellectual property rights to the content shall be transferred to you automatically.

2. Policy on Revision Request

2a. When you engage PostSckrippt to perform the Service and you request for content, the Company encourages you to provide all the necessary details and requirements of your order in order to avoid the need of undergoing revisions. Instructions and specific requests on formats, tone, language and style, among others, should be clearly stated in the request for the Service.

2b. The Company can accommodate up to one revision of the first and original draft of the Service’s output. This revision covers all items that were part of the original request for the Service that were made known to PostSckrippt. This revision can include changes on misspelling, grammar mistakes and incoherent ideas. The Company encourages you to review this draft thoroughly so you can communicate to PostSckrippt a comprehensive list of your requested revisions.

2c. Additional revisions beyond those stated and covered in Item 2b as well as extensive revisions that were not part of the original request for the Service shall be dealt with by the Company on a case-to-case basis. In the event that these events happen, PostSckrippt reserves the right to collect additional fees and other charges on top of the original fee agreed upon for the Service.

3. Policies on Payment Method and Terms

3a. As a matter of policy, the Company requires a 50% deposit of the total fees upon acceptance of your request for the Service.

3b. The agreed upon period for completion of the Service will not start to run unless the Company receives the 50% deposit. PostSckrippt cannot be held liable for failing to meet the agreed upon deadline in the event that such failure was due to your inability to pay the required 50% deposit of the total fees for the Service.

3c. The remaining 50% balance of the total fees for the Service shall be paid upon completion and delivery of the Service.

3d. PostSckrippt’s rates and other additional details with regard to the Service will be provided upon request.

4. Policy on Using Our Samples

4a. The Company has utmost respect for the privacy and confidentiality of its clients and their transactions with PostSckrippt. The same respect shall be extended to the work that the Company has delivered for its clients.

4b. Solely for the purpose of highlighting the Company’s expertise, PostSckrippt can show copies of its recent works and the Service rendered to prospective clients. The same may also be posted on the Company’s website as sample works. This is essential for the Company to build its clientele.

4c. When you engage the Company to perform the Service, you likewise give your consent for the Company to use the content it created for you in the manner described in Item 4b to showcase the Company’s portfolio.

5. Policies against Pornographic and Gambling Content and Other Excluded Content

5a. The Company does not perform the Service or any request that concerns adult content such as porn and those that relate to gambling.

5b. The Company does not perform the Service that may be characterized as technical writing. Technical writing in the context of this Terms and Conditions shall be deemed to include writing of academic papers, dissertations, theses and school papers. The Company respects and does not wish to violate the integrity of professionals in the academe or hurt the morale of academic institutions.

For additional details or other questions or concerns, you may send an e-mail to the Company at info@postsckrippt.ca.